Membership Application Form

New members for the season 1st April to 31st March each year, will be accepted at the rates shown, subject to acceptance


Category Golf
(12 months)
Junior up to 16 £FREE £20
Junior 17 £59 £20
Intermediate 18 -19 £160 £20
Intermediate 20 – 21 £260 £20
Intermediate 22 – 30 £350 £20
Gentlemen £499 £20
Ladies £449 £20
Retired gentleman (must have been a full paying member for 5 years) £400 £20
Retired Lady £400 £20
Second Club member £400 £20
Country Membership £399 £20
Social Member  £20 optional


The club accepts payment via paypal.

I hereby apply for membership of Crook Golf Club

Type of Membership


* Second Club Member MUST be a full paying member of another Golf Club.
** Country Members must live more than 25 miles from Crook Golf Club and be a full paying member of another Golf Club.
*** Note: A senior member MUST have at least 5 years standing as a full member.

Payment Methods

*Members choosing this method will attract 2.5% and can pay in 2 instalments. 1st due 1st April, 2nd due 1st July.
*I/we agree to make payment for my golf fees in two instalments. I/we agree we have an agreement with the club and commit to paying all instalments. I/we accept if I/we fail to do so will result in membership being withdrawn and I/we will be required to pay the balance in full.

** Members choosing this method will be subject to the credit surcharge set out by the Club which is currently 4%.
** Payment, shall be payable by direct debit. In the event of default on any payment, the full balance outstanding in relation to the subscription fee becomes due and payable forthwith, together with the interest at 4% per annum. Failure to settle outstanding balances may result in payments being sort through court proceedings and may result in future membership applications being rejected.

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