Hole 17 – The Whins

Image DescriptionAnother uphill tee shot this time to a par 5. The ideal tee shot is to the right of the fairway to avoid the trees on the left (be wary of the wall as it can come into play on the right). The hole slopes away to the left, down the hill towards the green. If you are not sure you can hit the length to the green, play safe to the top of the hill with an iron. The long hitter can reach the green, the line is the tree top on the right side of the green, but be sure to hit a good shot and trust your line. A ball falling short will bounce severely left into trouble, a ditch and further left into whinnies. The third shot can be a wedge to the green or a pitch and run on the hill, but you must check the lie of the land to use the slopes effectively. The green is protected with mounds around the green and it slopes steeply from the back to the front. Depending where the pin is placed, the putt can be very challenging.