Hole 18 – Westward Ho

Image DescriptionThe last par 4 and your last challenge on the course. A solid tee shot is required to a blind fairway. The natural lie of the land will bounce a ball left of centre, to the left and into the rough. A tee shot pushed to the right will flirt with the trees set on the top of the hill. The second shot is fairly straight forward to a very severe sloping green, right to left. Although a big green, the slope from the right will throw a ball severely to the left, which could finish in three bunkers protecting the out of bounds behind the green. A shot too long will dice with the club house, so club choice and position are important. A ball falling short will be caught by the front bunker protecting the green. The left side of the green is protected by trees. A good second shot will lift the spirits for the 19th hole.